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Instructional Design Framework

Skilling It
Skilling It, a forward-thinking online learning provider, is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative digital education.
Google Suite
6 weeks
In a rapidly evolving digital learning environment, Skilling It aimed to develop a robust and adaptable instructional design framework to enhance the effectiveness of their course offerings. The challenge was to create a scalable, flexible model that can easily be applied across a wide array of courses.
We created a comprehensive instructional design framework using Google Suite. This framework incorporated evidence-based instructional strategies such as scaffolding, collaborative learning, and formative assessments. The utilization of Google Suite allowed for seamless integration with Skilling It’s existing course infrastructure, providing the flexibility to adapt to various learning contexts.
The implementation of the new instructional design framework led to increased learner engagement and improved knowledge retention rates. Skilling It also noted enhanced course completion rates and positive feedback from learners, indicating a successful adaptation of the framework across their course offerings.
This project highlights the pivotal role of a solid instructional design framework in e-learning, underlining its value in driving learner engagement and enhancing knowledge retention. By leveraging the capabilities of Google Suite, Skilling It was able to achieve their educational objectives, further affirming the power of e-learning in shaping the future of education.