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Digital Library Application

Age of Learning
Age of Learning, a renowned educational technology company, is dedicated to creating engaging and effective learning resources, particularly for the K-12 market.
JIRA, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
1 year
The company aimed to develop an interactive library application to provide an enriching and accessible reading experience for children. The challenge was to design a user-friendly interface with engaging content while ensuring the app aligns with current pedagogical standards and strategies.
Utilizing JIRA for project management and Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for content and design, we developed a comprehensive library application. The app incorporated age-appropriate, engaging content with user-friendly navigation, interactive features, and embedded learning tools to support literacy development.
Following the launch, the library application saw high user engagement rates and positive feedback from both children and parents. The application also improved reading frequency and comprehension among users, suggesting an increased love for reading and a boost in literacy skills.
This project highlights the crucial role of e-learning tools and thoughtful instructional design in creating engaging learning environments. By leveraging these tools, Age of Learning was successful in promoting literacy and fostering a love of reading among children, thus contributing to their long-term educational success.