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PowerApps 101 Course and Video Development

Program11, a marketing firm, specializes in innovative software solutions and applications, leveraging the power of the MEC platform and Microsoft Teams to push the boundaries of technological advancement.
MEC Platform, Microsoft Teams
8 weeks
Facing the challenge of rapidly disseminating comprehensive PowerApps knowledge educators, Program11 sought a scalable, engaging, and effective e-learning solution. Their specific need was to develop a course and a series of instructional videos that could efficiently educators with the required skills and knowledge.
We designed an interactive PowerApps course on the MEC platform, complemented with a series of instructional videos. The course utilized engaging multimedia content, scenario-based learning, and interactive assessments to enhance comprehension and retention.
Post-implementation, Program11 experienced a significant increase in learner engagement and PowerApps knowledge retention, evidenced by improved performance metrics and positive learner feedback. The combination of the course and the video series led to reduced learning time, quicker issue resolution, and increased productivity.
This project underscored the transformative potential of instructional design and e-learning in fostering an effective and efficient learning culture. Through well-crafted digital learning tools, organizations like Program11 can expedite skill acquisition and drive operational excellence.