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English 101

University / K12
Morgan State University
Morgan State University, a prestigious institution renowned for its comprehensive academic offerings, sought to enhance its English language instruction for first-year students.
16 weeks
The university aimed to revamp its English 101 course to foster improved engagement, comprehension, and retention. The challenge was to design a course that not only imparts foundational English skills but also prepares students for future academic writing tasks.
Leveraging the capabilities of the Canvas learning management system, we developed a comprehensive, interactive English 101 course. The course incorporated multimedia content, collaborative learning activities, and formative assessments to provide a holistic learning experience, fostering critical thinking and effective communication skills.
The redesigned English 101 course led to increased student engagement, improved writing skills, and higher course completion rates. Feedback from students and faculty indicated a significant improvement in students’ understanding and application of key English concepts.
This project highlights the transformative potential of well-designed e-learning in enhancing educational outcomes. By adopting innovative instructional design and e-learning strategies, institutions like Morgan State University can provide a robust learning environment that effectively prepares students for their academic journey ahead.